Weekly Ramblings

I have to say that this was a good week, every day was full of sunshine which allowed me to for the first time this Spring ride my bike to work all five days. I love starting the morning with a bike ride, the morning are so peaceful, and a great way to get the day started.

A few stories about my students this week. There are days when I really do wonder what I"m doing teaching teenagers everyday, and it never fails, that when I'm feeling like perhaps there is little purpose in what I"m doing, at least one of the students does something that reminds me why I"m there, and this week seemed to filled with these wonderful small, yet powerful moments.

I was talking to some of my students at the end of class, I don't even remember what we were talking about, but out of the blue one of the male students responded, " Wait, you're married?" I replied yes, I've been married the whole time that you've known me, He responded, " darn, I thought that you were miss.

Shortly after this three senior boys walked into my room with a piece of cake. They were so proud, they had made and decorated a cake, and it actually tasted good, so they brought a piece to share with me. They stood there and waited until I took a bite, it really was good.

Later last week I spent an afternoon , melting crayons and molding them into the face of one of my students, they really looked cool, and this brought back wonderful childhood memories of when I would melt crayons on the lightbulb of my desk lamp at home.

As I announced yesterday, I was accepted in Foundry Day Craft Show in Boiling Springs, and I'm pretty excited about that. Hoping that it will be a good show.

I"m also in the process of getting my work into two new shops. I"ll let you if that happens!

My husband also made me some wonderful food for dinner, which he always does, I"m spoiled, but I took photos last night.

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Lisa said...

Hi new follower from DID! Love your work. Enjoyed your post. Your Husband make a great looking dinner! Have a great week. :-)

Lisa @HR Creative Design Studio

Amy's Party Ideas said...

Hi! New follower from DID! Love the thought of riding bikes in the morning...i long for the days of summer :)

Amy @Amy's Party Ideas & Make It Mine Parties