New Work

I have a craft show in Lancaster the first weekend of May, so I have really been trying to work hard and get a lot of new pieces created. I"m really having fun creating my line of Spring Scarves, and experimenting with different color combinations.


Come to Lancaster ArtWalk and stop by my booth to see all of my creations in person.


For quiet some time now I have been thinking about the combination of Jewelry and Scarves, and how the two work together. For my two most recent pieces I have begun to experiment with adding metal tubing to parts of the scarf, combing the idea of a scarf with a necklace. I love the sound that they make as I walk, it's like a lovely little chime as I walk down the hallway. I'm having fun working with this new design and am anxious for some more time to really get down to work.

What do you think?

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