My Week

This last week was a little bit crazy, and I must say that I'm glad that it came to an end. I had the privledge of photographing a wedding with the wonderful Cindy Roth this weekend. The bride and groom, where so laid back, and such a pleasure to work with . I then traveled to Lancaster and dropped off some of my new work to the PA Guild Store  . I"ll be at the store for First Friday, June 4th. I'd love for you to stop by and visit. I then finished up my Saturday at birthday party with family and friends. It was a really run, but tiring day, and today I"m finding myself with very little energy.

I also received all kinds of fun packages in the mail this week. I got the metal that I ordered for my scarves and necklaces, and also received the new EZ Up tent that I purchased for my upcoming show, Foundry Day, in Boiling Springs, Pa. Pin It

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