My Week in Review

The school year is winding down, the seniors are finished, I have both classrooms cleaned, and just completed my grades on Friday. What a wonderful feeling to be able to check that off of my list. As the school year winds down, I begin to focus on the work in my studio. Since I don't always have a lot of time to create during the year, my goal is to really stock up my inventory over the summer, and to work on marketing  is my work, and getting my work out into some new boutiques.

I still have four days of school next week, but had a taste of summer with this wonderful three day weekend. My husband and I really didn't do much this weekend, which was exactly what I wanted. I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday afternoon working the studio on a new line of jewelry, and had so much fun. The ideas just kept coming as I was creating. That's normally how it seems to work for me. As I'm working I come up with more and more ideas. My goal was to make enough necklace to fill my new necklace display for Foundry Day this coming Saturday. I think that I just need to make a few more pieces and the goal will be accomplished.  Next goal is that after Foundry Day the rack will be empty. Be sure to check out the new necklace designs in my etsy shop, , they are really fun pieces to wear, unique in their design, and best of all affordable.

My husband discovered that once again our roof is leaking, well it's not actually our roof, our home is connected to our neighbors, and it's their roof that leaks, but because of the way that thinks are sloppled the water comes into our house. We did have the leak stopped for awhile, but have had tons of rain lately, and found that the ceiling is feeling damp once again. So my husband going to try to fix the roof once again when he returns from his long morning bike ride. Pin It

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