Studio Clean Out Update

I'm still working on cleaning out my studio and either using what I have or giving things away before going out and buying more. The yarn supply is going down, but there is still a little bit left. I gave a friend with three kids a bunch of paper that I've been storing in there for who knows how long, as well as some chalk and oil pastels that I stil had from high school, and some stamps. I had some leather scarps that I took into school for my students to use. I have a basket full of thin strips of school that I think I am also going to take into school to use to decorate for the Life Skills Prom. It does really feel good to be cleaning things out, and having items put to a good use instead of just sitting there taking up space.

Here are three more pieces that I've fiinished, all can now be found in my etsy shop.


Studio Clean outProjects: 27

Balls of yarn: 28

Cones of Yarn: 20

Spools if thread: 5

Beads: 10 Pin It

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