Public School Teachers

As most of you are probably aware, this is not the greatest climate to be a public school teacher. Many negative claims are being made about teachers, stating that teachers are over paid, and should work more hours, most of these comments are being made by people that have never set foot in classroom, since they themselves were a teacher. As a teacher myself, I"m asking you to rally support for teachers, and to thank those that you know for what they do. I'm not normally one to draw attention to myself, however not only am I public school teacher, I am also an art teacher. Many schools are waving goodbye to their art programs as their budgets are cut. If you feel that creativity is important, it's time for you to step up to the plate and let your local school district know that you feel it is important to keep the arts.

Don't think that art is important: Look around, from where you are sitting right now, take away everything that involved creative thought, creative problem solving, and design, tell me what's left. Not very much. If you like the things that you see around you, then fight for creativity to remain in our schools.

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