Spring Scarves: Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day

I'm still working on creating more scarves for my Spring Line and I'm having so much fun. I"m also still working on using up the yarn that I have in the studio before going and purchasing more. This has been a really good way of stretching myself, and making me think about how I can create with what have instead of running out and buying more.

These scarves are great gifts for anyone, but would be perfect for Mother's Day. My most recent piece. The silver one. I decided to braid 4 yds of cream yarn and then interweave it throughout the piece. I found this interesting, as it added some new texture and another touch of color to the scarf. What do you think?


Studio Clean Out

Projects: 24
Balls of yarn: 28
Cones of Yarn: 17

Spools if thread: 5
Beads: 10 Pin It

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