Strands of Life Woven Scarf

I haven't posted about my studio clean out for awhile, but I"m still working on it. To recap, since January  I havne't allowed myself to purchase any art supplies. Everything that I create has to come from supplies already in my studio. I decided to do this for two reasons. 1. I tend to create better when I am under some kind of restriction, wheather that be time, supplies, or a specific problem to solve. 2. I love buying supplies, so I pick up random things, just because they look cool, and then then began to take over my house. So I'm trying to make myself use the cool things that I picked up.

Strands of life is an extra long scarf, but super fun to wear. It is 6 yards in length and 24" wide. There are many open, unwoven parts in this piece that makes it light weight, and easy to drape. My mind changed, I don't even know how many times while creating this piece. But I am happy with the final outcome. I was having a lot of issues with the loom while creating this piece, and several times thought about just cutting it off of the loom and giving up, but I restrained myself. I do really try not to abandon a piece completely, I try to make myself work through all of the problems, as a lot can be learned from mistakes. So this piece was on my loom for several weeks, because I had to keep walking away from it, but it paid off.

Studio Clean out

Projects: 12

Balls of yarn: 20

Cones of Yarn: 9

Spools if thread: 5

Beads: 10 Pin It

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