Resin and Found Object Jewelry

Every once and I awhile I play around with making jewerly since I teach it at work. I like come up with new ideas instead of teaching the same projects every year. Recently I took a resin jewelry class at Potomac Bead Company, and decided this would be something that my students might like to do.

As a refresher I decided to create a piece this weekend, using objects that I found in my studio and some resin I created this piece.


I crocheted the chain from some wire that I had laying around, cut the pearls off of another necklace that was broken, and just had the round ball To create the piece in the center, I used an old part of a watch, placed a gear, and mirrored bead in the center and then coated it with resin. I then took a piece that I believe was from a key chain and attached it by gluing it on the back to create the finding to attached the piece to the chain. This whole process was a lot of fun and really easy. I"m excited to see what my students make. Pin It

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