Moss: hand knit and felted Circulare Scarf

I started this scarf along time ago and then for some reason never finished it.There I go again with not finishing things. This is my first completed project since I decided that I am only allowed to create with the materials that exist in my studio, instead of going and always buying more. I haven't given myself a time frame for this project, just until most items in my studio have been used.

For this piece I used three balls of Patons forest green yarn.

I used my knifty knitter, that creates tubes, and then I felt them. Normally I don't allow the tubes to get too long, as they begin to get all tangeled together, but I decided I do one whole ball as a tube this time. I actually really like how it worked. It twisted in itself and created a really intersting piece to work with.

So three balls of yarn down, who knows how many more to go until I go can shopping again.
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Almost Precious said...

The drape and texture of the scarf is amazing.
I totally understand what you mean about trying to use up supplies that one already has. Supplies tend to build up and every time I start a new project I find there is always something else that I need to purchase in order to make it. =/