Falling Cirlces: knit and felted scarf

Most of the time my ideas come to me while I’m working in my studio or at night right before I go to bed. I try to allow for some silent time, day dreaming time, before I fall asleep. My mind needs time to bounce ideas around, and this seems to be the best time for it to happen. Ideas can’t be forced, they just have to come, and they come much faster during time periods when I am doing a lot of creating. Most of my ideas stay in my head for a few weeks, sometimes it’s because I don’t have time to get to them, but most of the time it is because I need them to stay in there for awhile to determine if they really are good ideas. Almost all ideas seem good at first, however after floating in my head for a few weeks sometimes, they disappear. If they disappear I guess I don’t even always remember that they were ever there. However, if an idea keeps coming back to me over and over again, almost like an annoying sales person, then it gets created. Once the idea is screaming at me to come out and I can’t ignore it anymore, I address it, and normally by this time I have worked out most of kinks. There are often I few things that I change while creating, because part of the process is listening to the material and working together. Each piece is made up of at least two voices, mine and that of the material, the pieces have things to say, they have an opinion about what they wish to do and what they wish to be. I learn a lot from the listening to the material. When I fight with the medium and ignore its voice, I normally fail.

While using my tube knitter, I had been fighting the fact that the tube twists while it is being created, and therefore I never let them get too long, I would cut the tube and start a new one before it was allowed to become too twisted. However, this last time that I picked up the tube knitter, I thought that perhaps I should listen to it, and that I should embrace the twist and see what it creates. I loved it! The tube of yarn suddenly had a voice and a personality. I loved it so much that as soon as I finished one I started another, and this time I’m connecting two whole balls of yarn as one incredibly long, twisted tube.

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Studio Clean Out:

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