Call to Create

When looking through my calendar my heart begins to pound when I see a weekend with no plans, no papers to write, just a blank free weekend. And when I say that my heart begins to pound, it’s in a good way, a pounding of excited anticipation, of uninterrupted time in my studio.

Over the holidays I’m always torn. The holidays mean time off of work, but also lots of plans with family. I’m torn because I love to spend time with family, but the pull to work in my studio is strong. The hours when I’m not at work are precious, and I think about them with great anticipation.

There are creative ideas prancing through my head all day. Some days they become quiet loud and impatient, and are hard to ignore. Some days I just have to get the ideas out, like very part of my being says that I need to create, and so I skip my workout, the dog doesn’t get walked, both my clean and dirty laundry remain on the bedroom floor, nothings seems as important as creating, so I create. I become lost in a whole other world, one that can’t be put into words, but if you’re an artist, I’m sure that you’ve been there. And once you taste and feel this other place, it’s the only place that you wish to be, and everything else just seems to be in the way. Pin It

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