How To Wear a Scarf

Accent your look with a long scarf.
Long scarves are for all seasons, and these two easy and popular looks for wearing a scarf around the neck work well to keep you warm in winter or to accent a favorite summer ensemble. Whether your scarves are woolly or the finest handcrafted silk, try these styles for instant glamour.

Style A
1. Hold each end of the long scarf in your right and left hand
2. Stretch the scarf out full length in front of you
3. Place the mid point of the scarf on the front of your neck
4. Bring the two ends of the scarf behind your neck and cross over at the nape of your neck
5. Drape the two long ends of the scarf in front
Now, your neck is nicely encircled with the scarf, and you have the two long ends draped in front. Finally adjust for comfort and choose how far apart you wish to have the two long ends - they can meet mid-way or be separated further apart for a different look.

Style B
1. Holding the ends of the scarf in your right and left hand, stretch out and fold the scarf in half
2. Place the halved scarf at the nape of your neck and wrap around to the front
3. Take the two scarf ends on the one side and place them both through the opening at other end
4. Pull the long ends through
To finish, simply adjust the scarf to be slightly loose or taut at the neck for a double layer look that is the epitome of high style!

Wide Long Scarf

If you have a wide long scarf you can drape the scarf over your shoulders, let it hang down in front, and then wrap a belt around your waste. The belt helps to hold the scarf in place and also makes the scarf more like a jacket. This is a great way to stay warm and dress up an outfit.

Check out the Videos below for more great ideas.

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