Urban Walls

 I just found these wall decals by urban walls and think that I might have just fallen in love. These look like so much fun, and may be additcing. In fact I"m a bit afraid to get started as I could see myself wanting a lot of these. But what a fun way to spruse up a room, and cheap too! I seem to have picked all of the bird theme ones, but there are so many more, and you get to choose your colors too! http://www.etsy.com/shop/urbanwalls?ref=seller_info

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JordanandSue said...

Those are amazing! Now if only I could steal their furniture, too... :)

Diane said...

Fantastic! Great way to easily add interest!


The mindless derivative said...

Well i know my next Diy project now! this is very unique and seems like a great addition to any wall!