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Madelaine was born in Edmonton, Alberta in the year nineteen ninety-one. She used to live in the town of Thomas, but moved away to study art at Shepherd University in August of the year two thousand and eight. Madelaine is very fond of old typewriters and postcards. And incomplete sentences.

She co-owns The White Room, an art gallery in Thomas, where her art is always on display. Her work was featured on the cover of Vingt-quatre mille baisers, published by Marchand de Feuilles. Madelaine’s art has been purchased by people all over the world, currently in over twelve countries.

Madelaine Richards has many fake last names, in order to keep people searching for her. Two of these are Madelaine Attempte and Madelaine Adélaide.

Madelaine is polite and likes to talk to people she can’t see. You should feel free to send her an email at any time: madelaine.etsy [!at] Pin It

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