Cozy Fall

I love fall weather. It's just perfect, not too hot and not to cold. During the day teh temperature is perfect for riding my bike, and in the evening I love putting on a sweatshirt and curling up in a blanket. Fall is the perfect time to sit outside and sip on a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the wonderful colors of the leaves. This etsy shop is filled with wonderful cozy fallitems.

Here's some information about Natalya, maker of all of these wonderful creations

I’ve been knitting for as long as I can remember. When I was four or five, our adorable kindergarten teacher asked all the girls to bring knitting needles and some yarn to knit with. I still remember those hysterically yellow plastic needles and unbearably green acrylic yarn. Of course, we started with a scarf. Hats, gloves, sweaters and everything else followed.

I'm a perfectionist and take pride in my work. Since it's impossible to guarantee a perfect fit of clothes with an Internet shop, I'm offering mostly accessories: hats, scarves, moccasin slippers, arm and leg warmers, yoga socks, cup cozies, etc. All my creations are my own designs, and I truly enjoy thinking of something new every time.

My knitter's dream is to have a roomy attic as my studio - full of gorgeous handmade and vintage items from my fellow Etsians, with a coffee table and cozy armchairs for our meetings, all white and facing the ocean shore. Pin It

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