Black and Silver Woven and Embroider Scarf

I have fallen in love with embroider these last few weeks, and just went and checked some great books out at the library, Complete Guide to Needlework, and McCall's Big Book of Needlecraftsto learn how to do more stiches.  I have some many things that I want to try, I just can't weave fast enough. For this piece I wove with black pearl cotton yarn using plain weave. After the piece was off of the loom , I drew a flower pattern that I then hand embroidered onto the piece using the basic chain stich. I decided to experiment and use silver eyelast yarn instead of embroidery thread, which you can't see the flower quiet as well, I really like the texture that the eyelash yarn creates. The front side has the frills of the yarn and the back side just has the basic stiching. I'm having a lot of fun combining different materials and various techniques. I always love seeing how new things will turn out.

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Here's how to do the chain stitch:


Bring the thread up at the top of the line and hold it down with the left thumb. Insert the needle where it last emerged and bring the point out a short distance away. Pull the thread through, keeping the working thread under the needle point.  To find out how to do many other embriodery stiches visit this site for directions Pin It

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SuZeFashion said...

Really like the way the eyelash yarn contrasts with the black and adds texture! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing!