Studio Tour

I finally decided to take the time to rearrange my studio space, I am one of those messy artists, making it challenging for me to keep my workspace organized.

I decided to move the tables around, and went through all of my stuff and discarded a lot of old artwork from college and high school. I just kept a few of my favorite pieces.

I also picked up some great wooden boxes that someone was going to throw away and bought them into my space to create a little extra storage. The room is never spotless as I have come to realize I can't work in that type of enviornment. I like to be able to sit down at my loom or table and see all of my supplies. I also like to easily just be able to reach out and grab things, I work in the moment, and do not like to have to take the time to get things out or clean up, so as I am creating supplies stay out and things tend to accumulate, until every once and awhile I put everything away.

I am always amazed when I see photos of peoples studios that are spotless, I just don't seem to know how to do that.


Many of the items in my studio were created from things that I found in our home when we bought it, or that other people were throwing away. I didn't have a lot of money to put into the studio, but I love that everything in it is upcycled. The black tables were created from two old doors that I repainted. I used old milk crates that were left in our house as book cases beside the tables.



My percious loom, I purchased this used on Craigs list, what a great find!


My chair, purchased from a second hand store for a few dollars. I love it!


I have created my studio space to be a cozy space where I feel comfortable. There are times where I think that I have to make my stuido look a certain way, nice and neat, so that other appreciate it more, but I have come to realize this is my space, and it's where I need to feel comfortable. I feel comforable in small spaces, somewhat hidden with things all around me.  I can not create in neat and tidy wide open spaces. I once tried to and then moved my loom into the corner of the room and moved my tables so that there was something around me on all sides.

I actually came to this realization at work. I am a high school art teacher, and have found that I always set up my desk so that there is a just a little walk way into my space, then my desk is piled with papers and books, when it is not like this I can't work. Some of my extremely tidy students are itching to clean my desk, but I just can't let them. They are allowed to organize and clean any other part of the, but my desk is off limits. Pin It

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