DIY Wedding Veil

My brother is getting married this summer, to a great girl! This week I worked on making the veil for the wedding. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: I cut the tulle from my wedding dress. I thought that this would be a great way to get some more use of my dress, plus because my dress was many layers of tulle, you can't even tell that I cut anything off of it!


Step 2: fold the fulle in half and cut to the desired length. Cut in a U shape. You want to leave a little extra for stitching the edges.


Step 3: take a piece of scrap tulle and test out some different stiches that your sewing machine can do. Be sure that you like the stiching and that you are comfortable sewing tulle. Sew the stich about an inch away from the edge. You will trim the excess tulle after the stiching is finished.


Step 4: trim edge

Step 5: do a running stich along the top and gather the material.

Step 6: sew the veil onto a head band on hair comb. You want to sew instead of glue if the wedding is during the hot summer, to ensure that the glue doesn't melt.

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L ~DIY Diva~ said...

very pretty and frugal1 i love!
I'd love to have this linked to my weekly link party "Make Your Style Mondays"

Lilith MacRoberts said...

Love the veil! And yes, glue + hot summer day = veil falling apart at the last minute and the bride saying very bad words. I speak from experience. :)

Ashlee said...

Looks good! Very pretty. I'm sure the bride will love it, and how fun for her veil to be from your dress.