DIY: Strawberry Decorations

Photobucket    I made these wonderful fun soft strawberries to use as decorations for a bridal shower. They're easy to make and cheap too. I made them with scarps of fabric left over from other projects

step 1: cut out a circle. The larger the circle the larger the strawberry. Experiment and see what you like the best.

Photobucket  Step 2, cut the circle in half. Each circle makes two strawberries

Photobucket Step 3: fold the piece of fabric in half. Make sure that the wrong side of the fabric is facing out.

Photobucket Step 4: stich up the side of the fabric. Then stuff the cone shape, and do a running stich along the top, sinch and you will see the strawberry form appear. I then cut out strawberry tops from felt and hot glued them along with a piece of ribbion on the top. The felt top covers up the stiching.

Photobucket I took a nice walk down the street and gathered stickes. I collected wine bottles and then placed the sticks in the bottles and hung the berries from the sticks. I used them for center pieces on the tables and sat them throughout the house. Quick, easy and cheap. Since I made these for a bridal shower, I created labels for the wine bottles that had to do with love. I looked up different words that had to do with love and marriage, and printed out the word along with the deffintion of the word and glued them onto the wine bottles.



Photobucket If you use scraps of fabric you do this project for just a few dollars. And whats great about these decorations is that the wine bottles can be recycled, sticks go back in nature, and the berries become gifts,  as well as ornaments for Christmas. They're even fun just to hang around the house. I also discovered that cats just adore them. Our cat loves sitting and batting the strawberries off of their sticks and chasing them around the room.

Happy Creating. More decortions tutorials to come. Pin It

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