Green Growing Goodness

My husband loves to garden and enjoys starting his plants from seed. He has set up his seeds in our home and purchased heat lamps to keep them warm throughout the day. Once Velo, our cat discovered these she thought that was was living at the spa. Every chance she had she would curl up under the heat lamps, I think she may have been trying to get a tan for the summer. Of course I thought that this was cute, and my husband saw his plants getting killed. I'm also looking at these little seeds that get the pleassure of sitting under this wonderful warm light, and think back to the not so long ago days of winter. My husband keeps the house pretty cold, and I go along with it and bundle up, however I'm beginning to wonder why I can't have heat lamps shining on me all winter?

Anyway, while I don't do any of the growing, I do enjoy the plants greatly. Both their beauty and the food that they provide. ( of course my husband cooks that too) So here are some wonderful gardening finds from etsy. I"m especially loving the spoons as labels. It just makes the plant look that much cooler, so much more pleasing to look at, then those little plastic labels.

So if you're like me and don't garden, think of someone you know who does, and get them a little gift to help start their gardening season right!



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Omar said...

I also enjoy cooking with the herbs I grow!

Thank you very much for showing the antique spoon garden markers on your blog.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Love that second one. Very neat.