Wallpaper Envelope Design

Recently I have been working to use the materials already in my house to make new things. When we bought our home my husband and I put wall paper on one wall in our living room and dining room, and of course there were many scarp pieces leftover. I've had the scarp box sitting in my studio for awhile, not sure what I wanted to use it for, but knew that it should be put to good use. This week I decided that I would make envelopes out of the wallpaper. It's really easy, and makes fun decorative envelops.Photobucket

Step one: gather your supplies. You need your old wallpaper, scissors, marker, and another envelope that is the size you want to make. Take the envelope apart and it becomes a perfect and simple template to trace to create your own unique stylish envelopes.


spread out the wallpaper and begin to trace your envelop template.Then cut all of the pieces apart. Fold along the edges and glue. You're finished!



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LuliBags said...

Fabulous! I'm inspired. Thank you.

Dustjacket Attic said...

You make it seem so easy, I'm sure I'd mess it up. Really like your wallpaper too.