Attic Treasures

Photobucket As I was climbing through our attic, to get down our newest lamp I decided to take a closer look at this coffee table that I had seen there before, but never closely examined to determine it's potentional. Circles are my favorite shape so I was thrilled with the new discovery. As you can see in the other photos the two top circles spin. I decided to bring the piece downstairs and place it in our living room, so that I could look at it and think about how I wanted to transform this piece. It's a little too low to look good as a coffee table in this room, the room has very high ceilings and is rather open. I have decided that I am going to turn the piece into an ottoman. I am going to use three different fabric prints and add a cushion to each level, this way it can be used as one big foot rest of three smaller ones. I think it will bring a pop of color into the room and will be a fun piece to use. I am hoping to get started on this piece tonight, however my lists of things that must be done, seems to be getting a bit long. So we'll see how far this project gets this evening. Look forward to photos of this finished project. Go search your attic, you never know what treasures you may discover! Share your treasures with me. I'd love to see your ideas. Pin It

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halfstitched said...

How cool! Can't wait to see it done.