Messiah Orisons show II

Photobucket This year is Messiah College's Sentinel year celebration. The art department choose to celebrate this year by having each faculty member select an alumni to partner with and do a show. My art education professor Dr. Vandyke, asked if I would be willing to participate in the show. Dr. Vandyke's paintings can be see in the background, he often uses bright colors , and short brush strokes to create his paintings. In order to draw a connection between our work, I pulled colors for a scarf from the colors that he used in his sheep painting. While weaving with the yarn I choose to weave with several pieces at once to closer mimic his style of painting and brush strokes. I did not want each color to appear as a stripe, I felt that they need to blend together, so that they would look more like painters strokes then the straight precise stripes of weaving. I also woven the scarf with sections of pencil roving, which is wool that has not been spun or died and more true to the nature of the sheep that it came from. This show will be up for two more weeks. If you live in the area go and check it out. Pin It

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Lona said...

Wow! That's really cool. I'd be interested to know how you wove that and made it ruffle. Did you "gather" the scarf by pulling on the warp threads?

Love how you worked pencil roving in to highlight the sheep in the painting.

Great job!