Fun with pillows


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For as long as I can remember I have held a great love for pillows. Growing up my bed was filled with them so that no matter which way I rolled there would be a pillow to snuggle with. While in gymnastics my favorite thing to do was jump into the large foam pit, I could think of nothing better. I began to dream of the idea of having my own pillow pit in my home. I envisoned the floor sliding open, and there being a large pit of pillows to jump into. I felt that it would be both functional and fun. A pillow pit would serve as a comfortable place to sit and sleep, and a great place to play in. However, I haven't gotten one of those in my home yet. So I have to settle for just having many pillows all around the house. Check out some of these wonderful pillows from etsy shops. The Home Centric has so many lovely stylish pillows. So go and buy a bunch of pillows and make your own pillow pit. Pin It

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