Attic Treasures

Photobucket After climbing on the supporting beams in our attic I was able to get the attic down from its high hanging hook. It was so cold outside, so I decided to spray paint this wonderful treasure in our basement. I was thrilled with the outcome and could not to purchase light bulbs and find out if the light actually worked and to see it in action. After work today and my workout I headed to the store to purchase light bulbs, ran home and placed them into my wonderful treasure. I was thrilled when I flicked the switch and all four the bulbs began to glow. Now I had to decide where I wanted to place this wonderful light. We had another light hanging in this corner, that I thought would work well in a different room, so I took it down and put this one in it's place. I love it. Red is both my husband and my favorite color and this light goes wonderful with our red couch. I love color and have tried to embrace it and bring it into our home. I am very pleased with how this attic treasure turned out. Pin It


Iconic Betty said...

That is a very picture perfect scene in your living room. Can i go ahead and steal it from you?

the little green button said...

Wow! You've made me want to climb up in my attic and see what I find! Love your work and your inspiration.