Attic treasures

Photobucket Ever since I was small I have had a fascination with attics. I loved getting to explore in my grandparents attic, it was like going back in time, and entering another world. When I was young I would always tell my grandmother that when I grew up and had my own home it had to have an attic. When my husband and I began house shopping 2 1/2 years ago, an attic was not high on the list of priorities for my husband, and I'm sure that our realtor found it a bit odd that the room in each house that I seemed more interested in seeing was the attic. The home that finally settled on did in fact have a wonderful large attic, with it's own staircase leading into it, making access very easy. Our home is over 100 years old and is a log home, with wonderful old quarts. The attic was a dream come true. As I began to wander through this magical place, or at least that is what I remember them to be, I discovered things that were left behind by previous owners. For quiet some time I have been looking at this light hanging from the ceiling of the attic wonderful what I could do with it. Finally this weekend I decided that I was going to take the light down, repaint and find somewhere in our home to hang it that others could see this wonderful treasure, our visitors don't seem to have much interest in venturing into our attic. I bought red spray paint and am eager to see this wonderful find transform, what is better than finding great pieces left behind by others? I'm not sure where I want to place this light yet, but I"m sure it will find a home. Well off I go to paint. I will post more pictures when the piece is complete. Look forward to more attic treasures showing up on my blog in the near future. Pin It

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Andy'sTreasures said...

I love it. I'm the same way with basements! I love digging through things. Every house we've lived in had buried treasure in the basement. Things that the former owners didn't take with them. I can't wait to see what you do with your treasure.