How I became an artist

As a young child I fell in love the Rice Krispy men, Snap, Krackle, and Pop. I created drawings of them on a regular basis, and thus began my love of art and making. When not drawing, I developed a strong love for knitting, crocheting, and attempting to make my own sculpting compound. My parents always encouraged my love for art, and allowed me to rummage through the cupboards in the house mixing, flour, toothpaste, a dash of glue, and whatever else I could find in order to create a substance that I could use for sculpting. I even had my own notebook where I recorded my recipes. As I grew up and entered school, art remained a large part of my life. Throughout school I repeatedly had teachers encouraging me in my artwork, which led me to attend Messiah College and major in art education. Entering my junior year of college I choose to take a weaving class, while taking this class I spent all of my free time weaving. I fell in love with weaving for several reasons. When I first walked into the Manning’s, the yarn store, I felt like a small child released in a candy shop. There were so many wonderful colors and textures, I instantly knew this store was going to be dangerous for a lover of yarn with a credit card, luckily my father doesn’t share the same love for yarn, and I could hear him in head telling me not to spend too much money. I work in crafts and weave because I have to, making makes me feel alive, it is a drive inside of me that I am unable to ignore, and it is more powerful than me. I fit weaving into my life, because I see making craft as a necessity to live a happy balanced life. I am married to a wonderful man who it makes it possible for me to be a full time teacher, grad student, student council advisor, art club advisor, and craftsman. My husband does, what many don’t, he cooks, cleans, does the laundry, and grocery shopping, I am blessed and thankful to have such a supportive person in my life. My artwork has evolved over the years, however there are connections throughout. I began as a pottery, looking back on the pottery I made just before switching to weaving I had begun to weave with clay. As I was introduced to weaving, I followed the rules, and patterns, however, as I became more comfortable with the process I began to embrace my personality in my weaving; abandoning traditional weaving patterns and rules. I grew up in Lancaster, Pa and moved to Mechanicsburg three years ago after being hired by South Middleton School District to teach high school art classes. My husband and I purchased our home two years ago, allowing me to have a home studio. As a young and emerging craftsman, the guild provides a wonderful vehicle for meeting other crafts people and for helping to get my work shown. Currently my work can be found at the Village Artisans Gallery, located in Boiling Springs, The Orris House, in downtown Mechanicsburg, or Festoon in Lancaster Pin It

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I enjoyed reading your story. Keep up the hard, enjoyable work!