Candle Making

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I have many candles left over from my husband and my wedding three years ago. The candles have been thrown into a tub and moved several times. Many of them are damaged. I also wanted them to go into glass jars so that they would be safer and easier to burn around the house, avoiding wax running everywhere. You can also do this with candles that have burned down low, but still have some wax left. To reuse old candles simply place the old candle into a plastic container that you don't care about. Place the plastic container into a pot 1/4 full of water. Allow the water to simmer, you will be able to see the wax begin to melt. This is not a fast process so be patient. I bought wicks from AC Moore. take one of the wicks, place it into any glass jar, ( I reuse jelly jars) place the wick and pour the melted wax in. Let cool and you have a great new candle. Have fun!
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