ice cream 002

ice cream 002
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This weekend my husband made some wonderful gelato! So tasty. I was searching for small dishes to serve the galato, and was not finding anything that I liked. Finally I arrived at Bed Bath & Beyond and found these wonderful containers. They are actually Jiggers, and meant for mixing drinks, but they looked like perfect ice cream dishes to me. As I was walking to the check out with my hands full of Jiggers the manager stopped me and asked if I really needed that many. I explained I was planning to use them to serve ice cream, he didn't see convinced that that was a good idea. He recommended that I order something actually made for serving ice cream. I explained I needed the for that evening and that I was totally fine using these. He laughed and walked away.
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germandolls said...

I think the icecream looks great in them. You made me hungry!Maybe I'll go eat a Klondike bar

Mami Made It said...

Husband who cooks or at least makes something to eat - sounds like heaven ;) Great idea!
Happy New Year!