Dog Whisper

Well the dog and the new kitten have not been the best of friends, Peca, the dog, is not a fan of sharing her home, and the two have only been allowed in the same room together under strict adult supervision. Last night I decided to check out The Dog Whisper from the local library and see if we could figure out a way to get peca and velo, the cat, to become friends, or at least to coexist. The Dog Whisper must have known we needed this help, as one of the episodes was getting an angry dog to get along with a scared kitten. Today I came home from work determined to put my new learned skills to the test. I let Velo loose, and put the dog onto her short leash, and walked around the house, making her sit everytime she saw the cat. This actually seemed to work, Peca began ignoring Velo. We then all tried to sit on the couch to watch a movie together, however that was a little bit more bonding then the two could handle, the cowdered in the corner of the couch and Peca had to work extremely hard to ignore the kittten, so while they aren't going to snuggle up in bed tonight, I think we made some progress. My dream is to come home form work and see them bundled together on the bed, however I have a feeling that may have to remain a dream. I just bought treats for both the dog and cat from this etsy shop Pin It

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libu said...

I have this problem too and have not solved it ...another dog trainer I like is
I like her style.. I watch both dog whisperer and Me or the dog shows all the time..good luck!