Scarf Sale

I've had a busy week, of spending time with family and weaving for two fine craft shows this weekend. My husband and I went home to Lancaster to spend time with both of our families, the dog and cat come along as well. My older brother thinks that he is the dog whisper and likes to allow my dog, my parents dog, and the cat all to run free, widely throughout the house. As my husband and I went out for the evening we left instructions, not to allow my brother to set the kitten loose with the two dogs. But of course, the cat was let loose, and found her way inside of the couch. The couch was flipped upside and the kitten was resurced to be returned back into her own private bedroom. I am thrilled to be bundled in the soft covers with my dog, Peca, at my feet, and one more day until I have to return to work. All scarves that were not sold at the craft shows this weekend will be relisted onto my etsy account tomorrow and prices will be marked down for one day. All scarves will be marked down from $125.oo to $95.00, be sure to take advantage of this great one day sale and save $30.00. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and happy shopping for the Holidays. Pin It


kittens for sale said...

Sometimes Google is really funny in surfing. I was surfing for cat and I found your post. I was wondering what is the connection between a cat and a scarf?? Then I read your post and the connection was fabricated has a word cat.. How funny connection Google made!!

fabricatedends said...

I also post photos of our newly adopted kitten , maybe that somehow made the connection.