Photobucket This piece was created using all white yarn of varying weights. I used very thin yarn for the middle of the piece so that it would become transparent. The yarn in the middle was also altered so that it has a smooth flowing movement to it. This piece is for sale in my etsy shop at the bottom of the page. As I weave, each thread takes away a piece of my day, each pass, every bond recreates my day into a beautiful textile. It becomes a blanket of warmth , a cover of safety, protection, and beauty. I weave because I must, with each pass of the shuttle I give into the call of the maker, I watch each piece, follow the thread and find joy as the fabric appears. I create pieces that demonstrate movement, that are delicate yet strong. The pieces contain a transparent fragile center, with solid walls on each side. These patterns weren’t intentional, they were not what I had in mind when I began, they are what developed as I released control, as I simply melted into the process of making and allowed my hands to do what they were created to do. Pin It

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