Dead Computer

Last night I was in such a good mood and so excited, as I spent the whole evening weaving. It was approaching my bed time, so I anxiously brewed a cup of Nighty Night tea. I took the tea with me into my studio, and could think of nothing better then, weaving, watching a movie, and sipping my hot tea. My mug balanced beside my laptop, I knew this was not a good placement, but I did it anyway. Well I never got to drink that nice hot cup of tea, instead I knocked it over and poured it all over my computer, which made my wonderful evening come to a crashing hault. I now had hot tea dripping onto my bare feet, and a computer that will no longer turns on. At least I was able to finish two scarves, however I missed my beloved computer. Pin It


Almost Precious said...

Oh No ! That is such a heart break. I can't stand it when my computer goes down, or gets sick. Hope the damage was easy to fix.

My word verification below is "hippo"...I'm not really that big. hee, hee.

fabricatedends said...

Thanks, I haven't gotton it to turn on yet, waiting to see if a few more days of drying will do the trick before I take it to get fixed.