While studying art in college I ran across this quote by one of my art history professors, Susanna Bede Caroselli, and it has always stuck with me. It is a wonderful and true description of the gift of creativty. " Creativity takes a terrible toll. It makes us egocentric, selfish, competitive, anxious, desperate, and terrified. Creativity does not respect time or place or schedules. It demands that we focus on ourselves, often to the neglect of other responsibilites, sometimes to the exclusion of those who love us. We are never satisfied: we constantly examine our work and ourselves for flaws- and we always find them. The world acclaims us when we succeed, pities us when we fail, ignores us much of the time, and never really understands. Who would willingly take up such a double-edged sword? But who can put it down? Pin It

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