Yesterday I was experimenting with weaving with toll. I decided to only weave a small piece in case I didn't like the results. Once it was off of the loom I was searching for a small enough neck to try it on so that I could see how it would look. And there sat my Shibu Inu, Peca, ready to assist. She very willingly allowed me to tie the scarf around her neck and proceeded to pose. She loves having her picture taken. We first took photos outside and then moved into our dining room. I guess this is what happens when you are home alone all day with a dog. I then started to look at my scarfs and when they were rolled up they looked like flowers to me. So I took the scarves out into the garden and placed them among the plants. I must say if the neighbors were watching I'm sure they were entertained, as I went from having a dog fashion show to placing scarves throughtout the garden. My husband arrived home from work as the dog was perched on the antique yellow couch in our dining roomed, with her ruffled scarf posing for the camera, and asked " what in the world are you doing?" I just laughed and continued taking photos of the dog. Pin It

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